Deciding What To Teach



You want to be a trainer, public speaker, seminar leader… workshop presenter! But what can you present on? What do you know? What can you do? Even more importantly what do you know or can do that other people will pay you to learn? What topical areas can you teach, train or present to hungry audiences.

Here is what you need to do right now!  For beginners, this is where you start! Below I will give you a very clear, four step process on how to decide what you could teach or present!

First of all, let’s be clear! I am writing from the premise that you, at least at this time, are not trying to learn a whole new field so that you can teach it to audiences. Certainly, that is very possible. But that will take more time for you to master the information (or skill) and structure it so that you can train others.

I am writing from the premise that you are knowledgeable , and/or skillful in the area that you want to present in. Or, let me put it differently. You desire to present and train others in an area where you already have a lot of knowledge , and/or skill!  If that is the case… continue reading. Here is the process:

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