Training Design


There are many things that must be considered when designing a training session or seminar.

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Training Design: First Thoughts

How To Build & Structure Your Training Program: Modules?

Holding A Workshop within A Computer Lab

Planning Workshop Activities

Developing A Training Needs Analysis

Video: Icebreaker/Activity

Training Agendas
Design Factors

Double Loop Learning

Deciding What To Teach or Present

List of Topics You Can Present

Why Use Training Activities

Analyzing Training Needs

The Basic Concepts of a Training Plan

Five Unique Training Activities

Designing Training Objectives

Determining Your Training Needs

Keys to Adult Training

Which Training Methods Should I Use?

Basic Instructional Design Planning Worksheet

Task Analysis 101

General Planning

Developing Tasks for Workshop Participants

Adult Learning & Mental Overload

Optimal Adult Learning

22 Steps to Increase Audience Participation & Involvement