Venue: Multiple Room Set-Up


When conducting a large scale training seminar, you must organize the layout so that it will be as effective as possible.  The layout will be determined by the program itself.  In other words, are you planning to meet as a large group first thing and then divide into smaller groups to attend the classes?  Or, are you automatically going to place everyone in a small group and start them off attending sessions?  Nine times out of ten, you will want to greet your participants and welcome them to the training seminar before throwing them into the training right from the start.

In the case of option two, you will want a large enough room that will be able to seat everyone.  This room will need to centrally located, especially if you are planning to meet again with the entire group of participants at the end of the day.

You will also want this room located near restrooms for the comfort of the attendees.  This will be the first room that they see, and if they know that your training seminar will last all day, then as they come in that door, they are probably looking for the restrooms for later reference.  If refreshment tables are not being provided, then it would be great if there was a soda machine and a snack machine located close to this room as well.

After your initial group meeting, you have now divided the attendees into smaller groups for smaller workshops that will be located in individual rooms. Or, in some cases the attendees will have the option of deciding which sessions they attend.

Based on your sessions, you need to determine how many rooms you will need.  If it’s a one day training workshop, you will need a room for each topic that will be discussed in the smaller groups; however, if you only have four distinct groups and your sessions are group focused, you will only need four rooms.  Then in the afternoon session the other four other topics can be discussed in those same rooms.

For example, in an eight hour workshop, with four groups and each topic will be discussed for one hour, the four groups will be able to attend 4 topics prior to lunch and then four  more topics after lunch. Time will also be a determining factor in the amount of rooms that are needed.  If it’s a multiple day training seminar, then determine what is the least amount of rooms that you need.  You could provide fewer rooms and switch the topics of the rooms the next day and so on.

The size of the rooms will be determined by the total amount of people in attendance. In other words, in total you have 100 participants you have divided the large group into smaller groups of 25, so the smaller rooms need to be able to hold 26 people comfortably. (Don’t forget the presenter!)

Once you have determined how many rooms and how big or small those rooms need to be, you want to make sure that they are located relatively close to the main room.  The least amount of walking is required.  Don’t forget that you will need to schedule the walking time into the overall organization of the training seminar.  You don’t want your classes starting within 5 minutes of each other if it requires 10 minutes to walk from room to room.  You should also build time in between sessions for individuals to have bathroom, snack and water breaks.

This will help you to determine how the layout needs to be in relation to each other.  View the articles on Training Seminar Venue Set Up (Large Room) and How to Set Up the Training Room to learn how to physically set up the rooms.