What Do I Need?

What do you need to start a training business?

The answer? More Than You Think!

A lot of people who start a training or seminar business are not successful… they fail just like others who start any small other small business. The statistics are sobering a figure of 66% failures is often quoted.  These entrepreneurs fail because they do not properly estimate the large number of skills and resources needed to be successful in the long run.

So what do you need? Some successful trainers say that…. [amprotect=2,3,4] – beginners need more skills and resources than they think… or you need the money to buy the services of professionals who have what you need.

Again, what do you need? What is critical? What is essential? There are three areas that rise to the top: Business skills; Training skills; Knowledge and expertise in content that you will train on.

Business skills include the skills that are needed to be successful. These include marketing and promoting, basic financial management, planning and developing, proposal writing and organizational skills. More than anything else you need to think as a business owner rather than a trainer. The decisions you make about pricing, for example, will depend on your business acumen.

Training skills include course development and design, presentation and delivery, use of technology, utilization of adult learning concepts and evaluating your performance.

Knowledge and expertise in the content that you will be conducting workshops and seminars is key to your success. Your knowledge of each subject area must be broad and deep. In the beginning, this will allow you to be seen as an ‘expert’ in that particular area. It will also allow you to flow more easily as you conduct your training sessions thereby taking the pressure off.

This is because you will be comfortable in the knowledge that you can answer questions from your audience and assist them with problems in the content area. Your attention will be focused on their learning rather than on worrying about your lack of knowledge.

As you start your training business, begin conducting workshops and seminars with content areas where you are comfortable. As you develop and get the experience, you can easily add to your knowledge and then add courses that people need.[/amprotect]