Know Your Stuff


An essential theme of is that people who want to be workshop presenters, trainers, speakers or seminar-leaders must ‘know their stuff’. As a matter of fact that is the one criteria that we think is sacrosanct in this business. It is the one thing that is a pre-requisite to getting into the field. You must have a high level of competence, skill, or specialized knowledge in the field… or topic… or area on which you want to present or deliver workshops or seminars. What about knowledge about how to train, develop workshops and present? You can learn that from us. What we cannot teach you is expertise in your field. What we can teach you is to be an expert speaker, trainer or presenter.

Here are some very important issues, in this same vein, that are critical.  [amprotect=2,3,4]

Again, let me be clear. If your field is management, computer science, medicine, sales, graphics, or travel… you must have exceptional expertise or knowledge in the area.


Because, when you stand in front of an audience, you must portray yourself as a leader, as a subject matter expert, as someone who can answer the audience’s questions, as someone who can provide solutions to the problems faced by the participants.

Participants are attending your session because they want to learn something that they do not already know. They want to get additional information. They don’t want the obvious. They don’t want stuff they can easily get on the internet. They want the latest, most current, most advanced information. They want the latest research… cutting edge secrets that have not yet hit the bookstores or magazine racks.

And they want to hear the information from some credible… someone with a proven track record… and someone who sounds and presents as if they know what they are talking about. You cannot stand before the audience and keep saying… “I don’t know.” “I have never heard about that.” “That is new to me.” “Oh really… where did you read that.”

The audience wants their questions answered by a ‘live’ expert. Which expert? The one standing in front of them. Even if you don’t have a question and answer format for your presentation… you must predict the questions your audience will have… and present the answers during your workshop or speech. You must predict their subject matter issues, challenges and problems and then you must provide them with solutions during your session.

As a ‘seminar leader’ you must lead in every way. Not just as the presenter who is in control of the session. But as the expert who has ‘command’ of the information… of the topic… and of the issues related to the topic.

So… in order for you to make the best use of this site… you must identify what you are good at… which field you have some kind of advantageous knowledge and skill in… what subject matter do you consider yourself an expert in… Then and only then can you even think of developing your seminars, workshops and speeches.

That is why believes that you can be a successful trainer. “You know your stuff, you have spend years learning your subject matter… you have worked in the trenches… you have answers to some of the most vexing problems in your field…”

Now you are ready to share what you know and what you can do with the world. And the world is waiting to hear from you. The world is waiting to learn from you. We at are here to support you in making the transition from subject matter expert to becoming a skilled and effective presenter of the subject matter!

So you have got to know your stuff… then we can help you share it with the world.

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