Get Personalized Support For Success As
A Trainer, Public Speaker or Seminar Leader!

Individuals benefit from their investment in mentoring and coaching for years and even decades, because of what has been passed from the coach/mentor to the mentee.

Mentoring/Coaching has emerged as a form of professional education that suits the down-sized, high-tech, globally competitive environment within the global marketplace that has emerged out of the dust and ashes of the 2008-2009 global meltdown.

Mentoring/Coaching has also emerged as one of the best ways to facilitate entrepreneurial development where individuals can develop their own business with a little help from experienced coaches and mentors. This is seen as a way to transfer specific professional, scientific, economic and cultural knowledge, skills, know-how and practices from the senior, experienced, and/or knowledgeable individuals to those who aspire to learn and be more successful in their professional and entrepreneurial endeavors.

If you are trying to build your own training, presentations, workshop, seminar or speaking business this is your opportunity to learn from experienced professionals. This is a place where you can ask questions, raise concerns, get advice and suggestions, learn critical skills and make continuous progress towards growing your business!

The Mentoring/Coaching process requires that the mentor-coach and mentee work together to reach specific goals and to provide each other with sufficient feedback to ensure that the goals are reached. This is where you don’t have to do it alone… we give you a helping hand.

Both caoch/mentor and mentee are in a partnering relationship whereby they are working to discover and develop the mentee’s latent abilities, and achieve the mentee’s objectives. The goal is the empowerment of the mentee by developing his or her abilities, performance practices and success skills. In other words, you can learn, develop and build your skills, knowledge and your business.

Benefits of Mentoring
  1. Mentees gain greater insight into how to navigate through the specific requirements of their chosen field.
  2. They continue personal learning, performance improvement and talent development as they journey through the mentoring/coaching experience.
  3. Mentees receive candid information and advice; they are involved in honest discussion about tough issues and get candid appraisal of skills, knowledge and abilities.
  4. Mentees receive help with establishing a personal vision and setting and achieving specific goals and objectives; they also get a soundboard for ideas and receive stimulation from creatively exploring their interests.
  5. Mentees expand professional contacts – a critical necessity for success.
  6. Mentees can see mentoring as an opportunity to try different and more advanced tasks, and to work on challenging, interesting and worthwhile projects.
  7. They get a chance to see the big picture of the field that they have chosen.
  8. They also get a chance to understand and develop key microskills in their field.
  9. They learn the do’s and don’ts of success. They learn about the pitfalls as well as the tried and true pathways to achieve their goals.
  10. They learn the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of avoiding ‘reinventing the wheel’.
  11. They learn about the skills, knowledge, mindset, attitude and key behaviors that are necessary for success.
  12. They develop new habits of success… what they must do everyday… every week in order to propel themselves to success.
  13. They learn to become independent of the mentor/coach.
  14. They learn to organize themselves and develop their own success system.
  15. They learn some of the secrets and hidden elements of their specific field… They learn from their mentor/coach what they won’t get from a book, DVD or audio program.
  16. Because mentoring/coaching is personalized, mentees learn what they want to learn. They may also learn what they don’t know… that they need to know… in order for them to be successful.
  17. Because mentoring/coaching is personalized, mentees don’t spend a lot of time focused on what they already know. They spend the precious mentoring/coaching exercises on what they need to move them forward.
  18. Because this is both formal and informal learning, mentees learn in a variety of ways including highly interactive discussions, targeted and focused reading, exposure to ‘what works – well’, exposure to little known tricks, tips and secrets of the super-successful, and exposure to audio and video information.
  19. Because our mentor/coaches are experienced presenters, teachers, trainers who have coached, mentored, trained, and counseled hundreds of mentees over the years we can use the latest scientific techniques and strategies to assist our Speak-Train mentees to achieve the success goals they desire.
Why You Should Join Our Mentoring & Coaching Program

The Mentoring & Coaching program is a three phase trainer development process which helps mentees to achieve their desired goals. This process involves the critical processes mentioned in my book Ask, Seek, Knock! (By Marcus M. Mottley, Ph.D.).

In the ASK Phase, we will work with you to develop the overall goals and objectives of your individualized mentoring/coaching program. This involves an in-depth analysis utilizing a rigorous questionnaire that is geared to uncover, hone in and fine tune the specific goals and objectives that you desire. This rigorous and in-depth questioning process alone is worth several hundred dollars. Why? Because at the end of it… you will be forever crystal clear about what you want to do. Maybe at the end of the exercise – you might change your focus… and go in another direction. Maybe you really don’t want to be a trainer… maybe you want to be a public speaker… or process facilitator.  Or… maybe at the end of this exercise you will change your area of training focus… This phase should take one month!

In the SEEK Phase, we will help you design and develop the details of your program. What you will do… how you will do it… what outcomes you will get… and the specific steps that you will take. We will be very clear about what you will learn… what skills you will develop… what techniques and strategies you will use…  Here we will – together – be very clear about what you will do! This phase will be completed at the end of your second month.

In the KNOCK Phase, you will do everything that we have designed. This is the ACTION phase where you will ACT ON and aggressively work on your program. In this phase you will not only work on your program… but you will be exposed to critical reading, specific videos and audio materials, and attend free teleseminars hosted by Speak-Train. You will have full and unlimited access to the growing list of articles in our Training Vault. You will be expected to develop and run at least 10 mini-training programs – five of which must be of at least 3-hours duration.  And we will help you to build your first complete one-day training program and coach you on how to host it before the completion of your year in the program. There are several other requirements which must be completed in this phase including at least one-certification (low cost) depending on where ‘in the world’ you are located. This phase runs for eight (8) months and ends in your tenth month.

The last phase is your EVALUATION Phase. In this phase you will evaluate your progress… check for gaps in your success and progress… fill those gaps so that you can maximize and ensure your success.

Most coaching and mentoring programs charge an up-front fee. For example one program charges $7995 -(This works out to be $666 per month). Another program charges $5995.  (This works out to be about $500 per month). However, they don’t have a monthly fee. Both costs must be paid up-front… before the coaching starts. Our fees are not up-front… but monthly.  And our fees are not $666 or $500 per month. Our fees are not $350 or even $250 per month.

We want you to have value… and to know and agree that you have value. So… if you are not getting value… you have the power to terminate and resign from the program at any time…

The cost of the Coaching/Mentoring Program is US$97  per month… for up to one year!  You decide how long your coaching commitment will be. We recommend one year of coaching to success. After one year, you can join our regular membership program for continued access to key information, updates, and new videos.

Please note: Not everyone is accepted into the Coaching/Mentoring Program. If you do not qualify your payment will be returned within the first month. Remember space is limited. Only three more persons will be accepted for the next program cycle…

Sorry!  Coaching Program is sold out on April 15th, 2015! Please check back for new openings.