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We are dedicated to helping you to become a successful trainer, speaker and seminar leader. We will help you deliver highly effective seminars and workshops so that you can help your participants improve their performance and productivity, and achieve their goals and objectives.

If you are just starting out, we will help you become a better presenter, deal with your fear of public speaking and show you how to develop your own unique style of connecting with your audiences. is a private, members-only, resource for people serious about learning how to be professional trainers. presenters, speakers and seminar leaders. Within the private, members-only area, you’ll find a comprehensive source of in-depth articles, videos and audio information on how to design, develop and deliver highly successful workshops and seminars and how to successfully manage your business.

All of the information that you receive as a member is continuously being developed. We plan to have thousands of pages of cutting edge, practical articles, video clips, audio instruction and recorded tele-seminars that answer your why’s, what’s, and how-to’s.

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  1. Unlimited use our secret training vault which will eventually be jam-packed with over thousands of pages of cutting-edge articles, programs and training tips.
  2. Three categories of video and audio material are being developed… including clear and detailed “how-to” information: Exclusive (Available at Speak-Train only); Special (Developed by Speak-Train partners, members and affiliates); Key (Material that researchers have sourced and brought to our members because of their critically important content) .
  3. Easy to navigate and always available.
  4. Training, training and more training. Our site is 100% focused on training seminars and training workshops. If you want information on something different – look elsewhere. If you are interested in developing, designing and delivering workshops and seminars and speaking in front of large and small groups — then you’ve found the right place! If you are interested in learning how to run your seminar business or how to be a training consultant… you are in the right place… And this is the right time to become a member.
  5. Save time and money. You won’t have to buy all the latest books on training. You won’t have to buy those super-expensive training videos and DVDs; you won’t have to go to expensive train-the-trainer workshops 2000 miles away from home. Get the information you need from the comfort of your home, at the beach, in the park – or anywhere that you have internet access.
  6. A cutting-edge resource that is ALWAYS Updated with the best and freshest ‘fluff-free’ and practical and proven content!
  7. At least 20 new articles/programs added every week!
  8. Links to the best articles from the rest of the web (this will save you hours!).
  9. New video clips added every week.
  10. Being developed right now:
  1. Active learning with our Audio/Video Library.
  2. Exclusive online audio interviews with professional trainers.
  3. Online video clips of cutting-edge real training sessions.
  4. Recorded tele-seminars.
  5. Radically discounted off-the-shelf training seminars that we develop. These seminars come complete with handouts, presenters’ notes, power-point and in some cases, embedded videos.
  • A learning community where members share their experiences, lessons learned, things to avoid, best resources, best training and presenting practices, and critical tips. Members will also be invited to write specifically focused articles in their areas of expertise.

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